Our focus is to serve the client’s needs and deliver a creative and effective solution to meet their requirements.

Equityhub Group Ltd (SCG Fund Services) is a global financial service company. Our dedicated team of professionals are focused on providing clients with the first-class service that they have come to expect.

Delivering value, innovation and direction.

We have been delivering fund consulting services to manager worldwide for over 13 years. We provide multi-jurisdictional fund structure expertise.

An innovative fund consultancy firm to fund managers.

We provide clients with professional guidance through all aspects of launching and operating a fund. Our services extend to all stages of the fund formation process — from entity formation and the preparation of full-colour offering documents to advising on the selection of service providers to marketing the fund.

Individualized fund structures and offering documents that immediately distinguishes your fund.

Our fund documents are reviewed for compliance by highly experienced advisors and fund attorneys. Basically, we provide a better product and better service at a better price.

What you’ll receive from SCG Fund Services

Fund Expertise in Multi-jurisdicitions

SCG Fund Services has been providing fund consulting services for over 13 years.

Full-Colour Offering Documents

Each fund receives custom full-colour offering memorandum and subscription agreement.

Bank Introduction

Introduction to establish banking and prime brokerage accounts.

One-Fee Pricing

We typically quote a one-fee price for the entire package including all third-party fees.

ISIN & CUSIP Registration Number

Each class of fund shares will be registered with a ISIN & CUSIP number.

Introduction to Service Providers

Introduction to fund administrators and auditors.

It Makes A Difference With an Experienced Team